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What did we find?
Three consistent factors in both age groups predicted the development or resolution of weight problems by adolescence: the mother’s BMI, the child’s BMI and the mother’s level of education.

For every one unit increase in the child’s BMI at age six to seven, the odds of developing weight problems at 14-15 rose three-fold. It also halved the odds of the weight issues resolving.

Similarly, for every one unit increase of the mother’s BMI when the child was aged six to seven, the chance of the child developing weight problems by 14-15 increased by 5%. 2 Best Fat Burning Pills For Women That Work. The odds of weight issues resolving decreased by 10%.

In addition, at two to five years of age, children whose mothers had a university degree had lower odds of being overweight or obese. For children who were already overweight or obese at two to five, those whose mothers had a university degree were more likely to have their weight issues resolved by adolescence.

Together, these three factors were around 70% accurate in predicting both the development and resolution of weight problems.

Only 13% of normal-weight six to seven year olds, with none of these three risk factors, became overweight or obese by age 14-15.

In contrast, 71% of those with all three risk factors became overweight or obese.

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