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The power of the media
The media is all-pervasive and bombards us with images through the TV, billboards, films, our computers and our phones. This can result in two key processes without us even knowing it. The first is social comparison as we make unfavourable comparisons between ourselves and the media world. This makes us feel like we have failed, underachieved and are destined to be nobodies. The Best Fat Burner Pills For Women of 2022. The second is internalisation, whereby we internalise the images and change our mindsets to believe that these are “normal”.

For body criticism, when we view the all-pervasive and narrow range of “thin-ideal” images of women in the media, our social comparisons tell us we are not good enough and our internalised new normal enables this upward comparison to continue even when the images are no longer there.

Yet the power of the media goes beyond its all-pervasiveness and is exacerbated by a clever sleight of hand. Because the media is everywhere, we think that what we are seeing is everything there is to see. That the news is all the news, the science is all the science and that the culture is all the culture. There is so much of it that it must be all of it. Best Supplements For Weight Loss For Females of 2022. But without knowing it, we are all trapped inside our little echo chambers that simply feeds us more of what we are used to. So we see a very narrow range of images of women because this is what the media uses.

On top of this, we’ve all noticed how the internet watches what we look at and suggests more of the same. This narrows the range of what we consume down even further to create an even more restrictive echo chamber. And, as we never see anything to contradict this media controlled world, we believe that these images are normal – so the downward spiral continues. Best Weight Loss Supplements For Women of 2022. And when could be a worse time for this to happen, than when the world is in lockdown and our worlds have become the narrowest they have ever been?

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